About Us

About Us

Our Mission

ZHR GLOBAL aims to be a profitable and strategically positioned company within the selected segments of the telecommunications market.

ZHR GLOBAL Strives To Attract Highly Qualified Expertise By Providing An Attractive Technical Environment To Work In Coupled With A Competitive Employment Package.

ZHR GLOBAL Strives To Continuously Create Market-Leading Solutions In Telecommunication Based On Innovative Technologies.

ZHR GLOBALaspires to become world class player in providing Telecommunication solutions specialized for the Energy, Oil and Gas industry.

ZHR GLOBAL will contribute to the community by developing the local telecommunication infrastructure with cutting-edge technologies utilizing the best solutions and the latest gadgetry at an affordable cost.

Our Vision

ZHR GLOBAL aims to be a multinational telecommunication solution provider or systems integrator.

Our goal is to establish a world wide telecommunication network that eliminate all borders, integrates all cultures and unites all mankind.

Our Management

ZHR GLOBAL is a testament of the new age, a spearhead of the digital revolution and our people is the key.

All of our team members are young professionals with vast knowledge and experience in information technology and telecommunication industry, enforced with proven track record and outstanding reputation for innovation and success.

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