Project Management

Organizational Structure

The mission of this office is to ensure that every project is implemented, managed, and completed to the customers’ total satisfaction. Our project management system includes processes that encompass all steps from task definition and resource management through system design, engineering details design,development, testing, certification, installation and configuration, site acceptance, customer support, on-going maintenance, and future enhancements to dedicated industries such as Oil & Gas, Power Utility, Highway, Railway & University telecommunication infrastructure.

Project Management Duties

Starting with a detailed requirements document and field surveys, combined with user and task analyses, ZHR Global’s Project Office oversees all phases of our systems projects. ZHR tracks all project elements with formal processes that establish and track milestones, schedules for deliverables, and resource utilization. Personnel, equipment, materials, subcontractor scheduling, installation, costs, and a host of other parameters are closely tracked to ensure the success of the project.

ZHR’s high level of technical expertise in system connectivity spans projects that have very different functional and application requirements. The successful completion of large system projects for customers and demonstrates our ability to manage large integration efforts.

  • Requirements definition
  • Task definition
  • Staffing and resource allocation
  • Material selection and equipment specification
  • Site preparation and compliance with any regulatory or environmental requirements
  • Factory acceptance testing
  • Equipment staging and shipment
  • Systems integration
  • Equipment installation and integration
  • On-site aceptance testing
  • Commissioning
  • Operator and maintenance training and documentation
  • Maintenance practices
  • Remote and onsite diagnostics and troubleshooting

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