Network Management System

Network Management System

The Network Management System (NMS) is a supervision and management system dedicated to operation and maintenance of transmission networks and surrounding equipment. In the event of failure in a geographically distributed transmission network, the NMS detects the alarm signals from all communication subsystems along the railway line. Fault identifications are then transmitted to one or more Network Control Centres (NCC) where maintenance staff can take
due action.

ZHR GLOBAL designs dispatch radio systems for railways. Base station infrastructure and corresponding mobiles and portable radios can be provided in all frequencies currently used by the industry. Each controller in the Traffic Control Room has a radio dispatch console for voice communication with the train drivers. Incoming calls are given priorities by the drivers and appear on the screen according to these priorities.

ZHR GLOBAL offers information displays for railway stations different cabinets and different character designs optimized for in-door as well as out-door use. Displays may consists of 25″ color monitors, Plasma or LCD displays with high intrinsic reliability, LED dot matrix or electromagnetic flap types. Control and distribution of information to the various platforms are computerized and can be integrated with train-graph and train control systems. Public Address Systems for loudspeaker announcements of train arrivals and departures, delays, etc. will often be integrated in the passenger information system where preprogrammed messages are stored on data voice recorders on stations along the railway line. Unmanned stations will have interface between the interlocking system and the Public Address System for automatic platform announcements

ZHR GLOBAL designs telephone systems for railway operators which normally have large and wide spread PABX systems. Interconnection of the main exchange with the regional centers takes place via 2 Mbps channels in the transmission system. In order to obtain high reliability in case of failure, various ring configurations must be designed when the network is planned. ZHR GLOBAL also provides special emergency and service telephone systems where the outdoor telephones are specially designed for rough environments and therefore suitable for installation along railway lines.

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