Backbones Network

Backbones Network

Communication Systems For Power Utilities

ZHR GLOBAL offer communication systems for power transmission networks. Power utilities need communication backbone networks that carry all data for power control, tele-protection and telephony in a fast and secure way which can take place via optical fibers, power line carrier (PLC), or microwave links; depending on the need for transmission capacity.
These types of transmission systems require high system reliability and availability.

These types of transmission network consist of an optical fiber cable with PDH/SDH line terminal equipment and primary add/drop multiplexers providing access to the network. A large number of different interface cards are available for all power transmission applications. Optical communication systems from ZHR GLOBAL offer a number of advantages for the power utilities such as easy remote configuration and special features when “live” networks must be extended.

Microwave links are the alternative solutions to optical transmission. ZHR GLOBAL provides equipment in all standard frequency bands, and detailed design of each section is carried out taking land topography, distance between substations, antenna location, and climate into consideration.

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